Ryan Keightley
Work About
Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation

Currently living in Burbank, California, I am a multidisciplinary creator with a passion for process. I have worked in the e-commerce world for over 10 years now as a senior graphic designer, illustrator, UX designer, and visual developer, among other informal roles.

I always strive to achieve a high degree of technical skill in any given creative medium. I bring a pixel-perfectionist eye for quality, a readiness to execute on a concept, and an eagerness to always learn more.

While I love the web and all things digital, I have a strong affinity for the analog world. I collect houseplants, sew, draw, swoon over architecture, and would always love to spend more time outdoors. Lately I’ve been really getting into weightlifting and rowing, and enjoy reading about nutrition and sports science.

Resume available upon request.